Empowering Diverse Industries with Innovative Forming Technologies

By 31. August 2020Start page

When it comes to the metal forming processes in modern industrial production, it is refreshing to see innovative technologies with the potential to revamp the processes that have changed little over the years.

While rare, such superlatives are justly warranted for WF Maschinenbau, a mechanical-engineering company rich in tradition, with future-oriented innovations in metal forming processes.

To begin with, WF Maschinenbau is in a class by itself when it comes to developing and manufacturing highly efficient forming machines. It is unique and truly stands out in the industry and the world for bringing more than four decades of rich experience to the table. While the global industry is replete with countless companies that build lathes, milling, and drilling machines to turn blocks of metal into the desired end form, their metalworking technologies produce metal chips and thus scrap during the production process. This directly translates into additional costs for their customers due to the material loss of the original preform. This is where WF shines through with chipless metal forming. “Our machines produce the desired shape by maintaining the original weight and volume of the preform. There are only a handful of companies worldwide, five to be precise, that can flow-form metal into rotationally symmetric shapes without producing any scrap at all,” says Dr Bodo Fink, CEO of WF Maschinenbau.

Besides, WF is the only machine builder in the world that has its own highly capable and dedicated R&D centre, where experienced application engineers work on their own and customer-specific developments. This R&D centre ensures that WF’s customers are equipped with a proven solution before making a costintensive investment into a new flow-forming machine. That’s not all; unlike most companies in this realm, WF also carries out process development for its customers, especially when it comes to new methods, approaches, and technology fields.

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