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Machines for flow-formed components

Automatic Hydraulic Flow-forming Machine (AHD)

Use the classic AHD spin-forming machine to form rotationally symmetrical hollow products of all sizes. From vessel heads through to propeller spinners, torque converter housings and inlet rings.

Our flow-forming machine AHD spin-forms constant or variable thicknesses, tapered, cylindrical or any variation of rotationally symmetrical. Your benefits:

  • Extremely stable, durable machine concept with high forming forces
  • High-precision forming of even soft or thin-walled blanks without loss of surface quality, for example
  • Automatic detection of support positions on the machine bed.
  • Centring mechanism can be positioned via control system
  • Also suitable for trimming and deburring
AHD 1500

Automatic Hydraulic Flow-forming Machine (AHD) 1500
Our machines for flow-formed components

Feed material (round/tube), diameter
1500 mm
Workpiece height
650 mm
Tool mounting, spindle
DIN 55027
Size 11
Drive rating, spindle
50 kW
Spindle speed
500 – 1800 rpm
Horizontal stroke (Z axis)
800 mm
Horizontal force (Z axis)
150 kN
Radial stroke (X axis)
400 mm
Radial force (X axis)
75 kN
Tool mounting, tailstock
DIN 55027
Gr. 6
Tailstock stroke
800 mm
Tailstock force
10 – 100 kN
AHD 1500

Products of AHD series

  • Boilers for commercial kitchens

  • Large pots

  • Components for tidal power plants

  • Propeller hoods

3D-View AHD

Automatic Hydraulic Flow-forming Machine

AHD 1500: 3D-view in Full HD