Vertical multi spindle automatic transfer spinner

The transfer spinner is for high volume production of poly-V-pulleys. The main characteristic of the machine are four spindles, each equipped with one working unit. A linear transfer system moves the parts from one station to the other. This machine is capable of producing all types of poly-V-pulleys at high volumes.

Product video: CWC 1002
Length: 2:35 min.


  • Stable vertical design with complete enclosures
  • Four working stations
  • A separate frequency controlled AC-motor for each spindle
  • One CNC-controlled working unit per spindle
  • Hydraulic ejectors in main and traverse spindles
  • Quick changeover of tooling by optimum access to the tooling and quick change fixtures for the roll holders
  • Safe and accurate CNC-controlled linear transfer system


  • Short cycle time
  • Optimum performance by optimum tooling adjusting on each spindle
  • Very low radial and lateral run outs
  • High flexibility and short set-up time by using a CNC-control


  • Auto Suppliers
  • Vehicle construction
  • Construction vehicle
  • Utility Vehicles


  • Pulleys
  • Split- and folding pulleys
  • Poly V-belt pulleys for the drive of auxiliary units
    (Power steering, air conditioning, water pump)

Technical specifications


Workpiece diameter min. 250 mm
  max. 450 mm

Tool mounting main spindles center location size 8, in accordance with DIN 55 027

Tool mounting travers spindles center location size 8, in accordance with DIN 55 027

Power of main spindles drive each about 80 kW

Spindle speeds max. 600 rpm

Force Travers cylinders max. 450 kN

Force working units max. 125 kN

Power hydraulic station approx. 120 kW

Machine weight approx. 30,000 kg

Output 180–240 parts /hr. (depending on the workpiece)

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