Horizontal Wheel Disk Flow-forming Machine HRM 150

Horizontal Wheel Disk Flow-forming Machine HRM 150 The horizontal wheel disk flow-forming machine type HRM 150 has been particularly designed for the manufacture of truck wheel disks by way of the flow-forming/flow-turning process. The consequent cycle time oriented construction/design warrants the highest possible productivity of the HRM 150. Said high productivity of the HRM 150 is achieved through short accelerating and braking times of the main drive and short travel lengths and high travel speeds of the 3-roller flow-forming slide, the external stripping unit and the tailstock cylinder. For forming the wheel disk, the 3-roller flow-forming slide of the machine with the three radial feed units is displaced in longitudinal direction to the main spindle. The stability and robustness of the HRM 150 possessing a compact, closed framework construction permit a precise and vibration-free forming of truck wheel disks with very short cycle times. After completed forming, the external stripping unit at the main spindle and the workpiece slide integrated in the machine bed warrant a fast and secure removal of the formed wheel disks out of the working range of the machine.

Product video: HRM 150
Length: 2:10 min.


  • horizontal construction, modern, compact and solid machine design as a closed framework with full protection booth
  • main spindle drive through frequency controlled asynchronous motor with energy-efficient converter system
  • external hydraulic stripping unit at the main spindle
  • torque-free input of thrust for the 3-roller flow-forming slide by means of two CNC-controlled servo-hydraulic cylinders arranged in parallel with integrated absolute encoder measuring system
  • three CNC-controlled radial feed units equipped with servo hydraulic cylinders with integrated absolute encoder measuring systems
  • exchangeable, backlash-free and preloaded anti friction guideways for the longitudinal feed of the 3-roller flow-forming slide
  • radial feed units in box-type construction, equipped with adjustable, hardened and ground slideways
  • short set-up times because of optimal access to the working range of the machine
  • automation or integration in a production line by adapting a robot to load the machine and internal removal of the formed wheel disks out of the working range of the machine are easily possible


  • Production of truck wheel disks with very short cycle times, guaranteed min. 150 parts/hour when producing a 22.5” wheel disk from a blank, material quality St 52, wall thickness 16 mm
  • High forming grades even with large material sizes owing to the high drive rating of the main spindle and the high forming forces in all feed axes of the machine
  • High rigidity of the machine through the compact, closed framework design of the machine enabling a continuously precise production
  • CNC control make “Siemens Sinumerik 840 D”


  • Auto Suppliers
  • Vehicle construction
  • Construction vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Air and rail vehicles

End products

    • Truck wheel discs

Technical specifications

Blank diameter min. 300 mm
  max. 700 mm

Blank-/ material thickness max. 20 mm

Tool mounting main spindle DIN 55027, size 15

Drive rating main spindle 300 kW

Speed of main spindle max. 700 rpm

Stroke of 3-roller flow-forming slide 650 mm

Feed force of 3-roller flow-forming slide 700 kN

Number of radial feed units 3 units

Stroke of radial feed units 210 mm each

Feed force of radial feed units max. 500 kN each

Stroke of tailstock 350 mm

Thrust of tailstock 300 kN

Weight approx. 40,000 kg

Production output when manufacturing wheel discs min. 150 pc/h

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