Horizontal 3-roller flow forming machine

The machine is an excellent flow forming machine with high flexibility and high productivity. For forming the work piece the slide with the radial feed units is moved in longitudinal direction to the working spindle. A precise and vibration-free forming is achieved through the use of a CNC control and a particularly solid main spindle running in an accurate bearing. This machine is specially suited for production of internally geared parts for transmission and clutch components. These parts can be made from a flat round blank or a drawn cup.

Product video: STR 400/3
Length: 1:42 min.


  • Stable, horizontal design with complete enclosures
  • Frequency controlled AC-motor for main spindle drive
  • Compact, stable 3-roller flow forming support with 4 axis CNC-control
  • Longitudinal feed of the 3-roller flow forming support by two CNCcontrolled hydraulic cylinders with optimal forming force
  • Internal/external hydraulic ejectors on the main spindle
  • Quick changeover of tooling and rolls by optimum access to the machine
  • Well prepared for the addition of an automatic loading-/unloading devic


  • Short cycle time
  • The available high forming forces in the length and radial directions allow to perform a large amount of forming work on thick materials
  • High flexibility and short set-up times provided by the CNC system


  • Automotive supply industry
  • Vehicle construction
  • Construction vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Clutch and transmission manufacturing

End products

  • Gear components
  • Clutch parts

Technical specifications

Work piece diameter min. 50 mm
  max. 400 mm

Tool mounting main spindle centering location size 8, in accordance with DIN 55027

Power of main spindle drive approx. 140 kW

Spindle speed max. 650 rpm

Length force 3-roller flow forming support max. 300 kN

Length stroke 3-roller flow forming support 650 mm

Radial force 3-roller flow forming support max. 200 kN per radial slide

Radial stroke 3-roller flow forming support 180 mm

Clamping force tailstock cylinder max. 300 kN

Power hydraulic station approx. 60 kW

Machine weight approx. 20,000 kg

Output 70-240 parts/h
(depending on work piece)

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STR 400/3 [.pdf]