Horizontal 3-roller flow-forming machine

The horizontal flow-forming machine HSTR 600/3-6 will meet highest demands concerning flexibility and productivity. Three independently CNC-programmable cross slides permit an economic production of rotationally symmetric workpieces by using the following processes, among others:

  • Flow-forming/flow-turning in forward and reverse flow: production of precision hollow bodies with constant or variable wall thicknesses
  • spinning: production of workpieces or cylindrical preforms starting from round blanks
  • flow-turning/flow-forming operations: production of conical, concave or convex rotationally symmetric hollow bodies starting from blanks or preforms
  • flow-forming of internally toothed workpieces, e.g. clutch and gear parts
  • other profiling and forming operations, e.g. spinning of hubs

Matters of course are the closed framework construction for taking up the forming forces, a particularly solid and exactly supported main spindlefor vibration-free forming as well as a radially movable tailstock as well as an internal ejector and an external stripper.


  • horizontal construction, state-of-the-art and extremely solid machine design with complete enclosure
  • the main spindle is driven by a frequency controlled three-phase current motor with energy recovery
  • automatically actuated three-step gear
  • three flow-turning/flow-forming slides designed as cross slide and offset around the main spindle by 120°
  • one radial and axial CNC-programmable feed axis per cross slide, i.e a total of six CNC-controlled feed axes
  • every axial roller offset is individually programmable or all axial axes can be electronically connected as one axis
  • Tailstock designed as a CNC-axis During reverse flow-turning usable as a length-measuring system (option)
  • two hydraulically actuated stripping cylinders
  • hydraulic ejector in the main spindle
  • fast tool and roller change because of optimal accessibility


  • A very high flexibility in the available forming process because of three independently controllable flowturning/ flow-forming slides
  • any roller offset in axial direction is individually programmable
  • high forming forces in axial and radial direction permit strong degrees of forming even with ample material sizes
  • high rapid feed speeds and persevering power reserves
  • very good access to the working range from front and top
  • high overall effiency


  • Aerospace engineering
  • Military engineering
  • Power and Environmental engineering

End products

  • High-pressure gas cylinders
  • Helicopter shafts
  • Missile housing
  • Precision Tubes
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

Technical specifications

Workpiece diameter min. 600 mm
  max. 600 mm

Workpiece length forward flow-forming max. 2000 mm

Workpiece length reverse flow-forming max. 4000 mm

Tool mounting of working spindle Centring mounting size 15 as per DIN 55027

Drive rating of main spindle 265 kW

Speed of working spindle 120–240 / 240–420 / 420–700 rpm

Number of flow-forming slides/CNC-axes 3 / 6

Axial stroke of the 3 flow-forming slides 2600 mm

Axial thrust of the 3 flow-forming slides max. each 500 kN

Radial stroke of the 3 flow-forming slides 315 mm

Radial thrust of the 3 flow-forming slides max. each 350 kN

Axial stroke of tailstock 4000 mm

Axial thrust of tailstock 200 kN

Radial stroke of tailstock 620 mm

Drive rating hydraulic system approx. 30 kW

Machine weight approx. 110000 kg

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