Necking-in machine

This machine has been particularly developed and designed for necking-in and closing of gas cylinders and other compressed-air. Depending on its programming, the machine permits the initial forming of bottoms and bottle necks at tubes and/or cylindrical preforms. During forming, the tube end to be formed is kept at forming temperature by a burner unit installed at the swivel slide. A precise forming of bottle neck and bottom is achieved with several forming passes of a forming roller and simultaneous repositioning of the CNC-controlled slide axes. When producing bottle bottoms, after closing the bottom the pole zone burner is employed in order to remove scale deposit. After forming, the ejector will push the tube out of the clamping chuck and the unloading unit will transport it to the transfer position.

Product video: SFM 210
Length: 3:31 min.


  • horizontal construction, solid design
  • drive of main spindle by frequency controlled three-phase a.c. motor
  • CNC-controlled, electrically driven ejector in the main spindle
  • CNC-controlled and programmable tube limit stop
  • fast change of clamping jaws through special WF design
  • precise linear guideways at the slide guarantee the repeat accuracy during series production
  • CNC-controlled loading and unloading unit this means good opportunity for automation


  • vertical arrangement of the swivel bearing housing and/or forming roller, prevents the bearing housing and/or forming roller from being contaminated
  • swivel slide with 3 CNC-controlled axes for roller swivelling, central position of the forming roller and repositioning of the forming roller, this means optimal adaptation to the required product contours and short setting times when changing products


  • Respiratory protective equipment
  • vehicle construction
  • Fire fighting technology
  • Gas transporting system
  • beverage industry
  • Machinical engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Technology of cutting and welding engineering
  • Environmental engineering

Final products

  • Breathing air cylinders
  • High-pressure gas cylinders
  • Pressure vessel of truck / car gas transport
  • Pressure vessel for carbon dioxide
  • Pressure accumulator for hydraulic systems
  • Pressure vessels for medical gases
  • Pressure vessels for technical gases
  • Pressure vessels for natural gas filling stations

Technical specifications


workpiece diameter min. 75 mm
& nbsp; max. 210 mm

wall thickness min. 2 mm
& nbsp; max. 7 mm

workpiece length max. 850 mm

Drive power main spindle 100 kW

Main spindle speed 1400 rpm

Drive power Hydraulic 30 kW

Machine weight 20,000 kg

output 60-120 parts / hour

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