Vertical 4-roller spinning machines for producing aluminium wheels

The vertical spinning machines type VFM 600 and VFM 800 are particularly designed for producing aluminium wheels starting from forged or cast preforms. Said machines possess 4 forming rollers which may be programmed independently from each other. The resulting design with a total of 8 CNC axes permits extremely short setting times. In connection with the amply dimensioned and easily accessible working range, set-up times are reduced to a minimum. Manual adjustments are not required. Loading the machines, for example, may be achieved through a robot with double gripper. After forming, the first gripper unloads the completed workpiece and the new preform is placed onto the tool in the same operation. Preforms and completed rims may be picked up or deposited outside the machine at any defined point of supply

Product video: VFM 800
Length: 1:38 min.


  • Vertical design, modern and solid machine design in closed  framework construction with overall enclosure
  • Feed of spinning roller through hydraulic servo CNC axes
  • Hydraulic ejector in main and tailstock spindle
  • Tailstock spindle optionally driven
  • Machine optionally equipped with electric tool heating and/or cooling unit easy to achieve automation by using a loading / unloading robot
  • Fast roller and tool change through optimal access to the machine


  • High forming force in vertical and radial direction resulting in high degrees of forming even with large material sizes
  • High rigidity of the machine owing to closed framework construction resulting in a reproducible and dimensionally solid product
  • Standard CNC control and customary linear guideways resulting in safety of operation and a problem free maintenance


  • Auto Supplier
  • Vehicle construction
  • Construction vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Air and rail vehicles

End products

  • Aluminum rims / wheels for cars
  • Aluminum rims / wheels for car utility trailers
  • Aluminum rims / wheels for trucks
  • Aluminum rims / wheels for truck trailer
  • Aluminum rims / wheels for motorcycles

Technical specifications

  VFM 00 VFM 700

Work piece diameter min. 150 mm 350 mm
  max. 500 mm 700 mm

Work piece length max. 350 mm max. 500 mm

Tool mounting of working spindle central mounting as per 55027, size 11 central mounting as per 55027, size 15

Werkzeugaufnahme der Andrückspindel central mounting as per 55027, size 11 central mounting as per 55027, size 15

Tool mounting of counter pressure spindle approx.200 kW approx. 300 kW

Drive rating of working spindle approx.90 kW approx.120 kW

Drive rating of hydraulic system approx. 1000 r.p.m. approx. 650 r.p.m.

Speed of working and counter
pressure spindle
400 mm 550 mm

Longitudinal stroke of slide 450 mm 600 mm

Longitudinal stroke of tailstock spindle 200 kN 300 kN

Force of longitudinal slide 200 kN 300 kN

Force of tailstock cylinder 200 mm each 200 mm each

Stroke of radial feed units 200 kN each 300 kN each

Weight 35.000 kg 55.000 kg

Production output rate depending on workpiece 120 wheels /h 100 wheels /h

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