Vertical 3-roller forming

The vertical 3-roller flow forming machine VSTR 150/3 is special designed for the production of high precision thin-walled tubes and other hollow work pieces with symmetry of rotation, of constant or variable wall thickness. The machine allows the flexible production of by using the forwarder backward-flow forming method. The stable, vertical machine design offers the following distinctive advantages against machines built in conventional horizontal design:

  • excellent self centering capability of the 3-roller flow forming support due to his vertical position
  • during the forming process, the flow forming support, the tooling and the tailstock sleeve stay
  • perfectly in position; this is due to the fact that their positions are not affected by the gravity force


  • vertical, stable machine design with complete enclosures
  • minimal space requirements due the vertical machine design
  • 3-roller flow forming support with 4 axis CNC-control
  • electric drives for all feed slides
  • roller guideways pre-stressed, free of clearance and pre-stressed installed onto all feed slides
  • internal and external hydraulic ejectors on the main spindle
  • well prepared for the addition of anautomatic loading-/unloading deviceor the integration of a robot


  • short cycle time
  • optimum performance related to the accuracies of the flow formed contour and surface quality of the work piece due to the vertical machine design
  • high flexibility by using the most advancd CNC-control
  • high energy efficiency resulting from energy recovery form the electric drives when operating in braking mode


  • Automotive supply industry
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Military engineering
  • Power / Environmental engineering

End products

  • Thin-walled tubes
  • Rotationally symmetric hollow parts

Technical specifications

Workpiece diameter min. 20 mm
  max. 200 mm

Tool mounting main spindle centering location size 8 in, accordance with DIN 55027

Power of main spindle drive approx. 60 kW

Spindle speed max. 1500 rpm

Vertical force 3-roller flow forming support 150 kN

Vertical stroke 3-roller flow forming support 650 mm

Radial force 3-roller flow forming support each 150 kN

Radial stroke 3-roller flow forming support 150 mm

Clamping force tailstock cylinder m100 kN

Power hydraulic station approx. 30 kW

Machine weight 12,500 kg

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