Vertical 3-roller flow-forming machine

A machine meeting highest demands regarding flexibility and productivity. As compared with the conventional horizontal design of spinning machines, the vertical machine concept offers the following essential benefits:

  • excellent self-centring properties of the 3-roller slide because of its vertical mounting position
  • during the complete forming process, flow-forming slide, tool mandrel and tailstock sleeve act gravity neutral

The machine is particularly suitable for the production of rotationally symmetrical precision hollow parts with a constant or a variable course of wall-thickness. The workpieces are produced from tubular blanks by way of reverse flow-forming.


  • Vertical construction, solid machine design with complete casing
  • Low space requirement because of vertical design
  • Drive of main spindle through a frequency-controlled three-phase current motor
  • Three flow-forming slides offset by 120 °
  • Six CNC-programmable slide axes this means one vertical and radial feed axis for each cross slide
  • Two hydraulically actuated stripping cylinders
  • Fast tool and roller change because of optimal accessibility at the machine
  • Good options for an automation by  installing a loading and/or unloading unit
  • Each roller offset is individually programmable


  • High forming forces in longitudinal and radial direction permit strong degrees of forming even with ample material sizes
  • Convenient access to the working range of the machine and, thus, easy and fast exchange of tools
  • Good field of application for an automatic loading/unloading unit
  • Low space requirement
  • Each roller offset is individually programmable


  • Aerospace engineering
  • Military engineering
  • Power / environmental engineering

End products

  • High-pressure gas cylinders
  • Helicopter shafts
  • Missile housing
  • Precision tubes
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
  • Missile housing
  • Precision tubes

Technical specifications

Rohteildurchmesser max. 20 mm

Werkstückdurchmesser min. 50 mm
  max. 250 mm

Werkstücklänge im Gegenlauf-/ Drückwalzverfahren max. 2.900 mm

Werkzeugaufnahme Hauptspindel Zentrieraufnahme in Anlehnung an DIN 55027 Gr. 8

Antriebsleistung Hauptspindel 100 kW

Hauptspindeldrehzahl 50 – 650 rpm

Anzahl der Strecksupporte 3

Vertikalhub der 3 Strecksupporte 1.500 mm

Vertikalvorschubkraft der 3 Strecksupporte max. je 150 kN

Radialhub der 3 Strecksupporte je 180 mm

Radialvorschubkraft der 3 Strecksupporte max. je 150 kN

Antriebsleistung Hydraulik ca. 20 kW

Maschinengewicht ca. 60.000 kg

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VSTR 250-3L [.pdf]