WF Maschinenbau with new record

By 17. October 2017Start page

With their new HDC 700, WF present the world-wide largest flow-forming machine for the manufacture of internally toothed transmission parts

Sendenhorst, 16 October 2017. So far, the HDC 600 from WF Maschinenbau was considered as the world-wide largest flow-forming machine for the manufacture of internally toothed clutch and transmission parts. Now, the company seated in Sendenhorst set a new record with their new model, the HDC 700. The flow-forming machine which was developed for a long-standing customer and delivered this month is even larger and more powerful than its predecessor model and thus aims at new dimensions in the manufacture of clutch and transmission parts.

With the development and construction of their new, 75 tons heavy HDC 700, WF Maschinenbau have managed to once again considerably outperform their hitherto largest flow-forming machine HDC 600 as far as size and performance are concerned. All in all, the new model is about 30 percent more efficient and able to produce larger clutch and transmission parts which, for example, are used in automatic transmissions of heavy construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles or monster dump trucks.

“Above all the considerably larger workpiece diameter, the much higher drive ratings of the working spindles as well as the higher thrusts in the feed axes are key features of this new machine,” explains Heiko Ohlscher, Managing Director of WF Maschinenbau und Blechformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. “In order to be able to always offer our customers innovative and customized solutions, the subject of research and development plays an important part in our company. We are glad that with the HDC 700 we succeeded in building a flow-forming machine which enables our customer to manufacture even larger components than before.”

The most important technical data of the new HDC 700:

Round blank diameter: max. 1.000 mm
Workpiece diameter: max. 900 mm
Workpiece length: max. 800 mm
Thrust of flow-forming slide; horizontal: 800 kN
Feed force of radial slides: 500 kN
Overall drive rating: 400 kW