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Flow-formed components

Flow-formed gearbox components, bearing races, propeller bosses, low-pressure gas cylinders etc.


WF flow forming machines make possible the production of a virtually infinite range of the most diverse products – from humble drawer knobs up to and including rocket nosecones. Significantly more flexible operation is possible compared to pressing, in addition flow-forming machines can be used with a large bandwidth of materials (ranging from simple sheet steel, via stainless, up to and including special alloys).

Thanks to their hydraulic drives, our machines are especially suitable for the forming of large and difficult-to-form components, and even the smallest machine can form disc diameters of up to 1500 mm.

Flow-formed components

End product flow-formed components

Technology: Flow forming

  • Flow-formed gearbox components
  • bearing races
  • propeller bosses
  • low-pressure gas cylinders
  • tank and vessel heads
  • pots, pans, canisters and boilers for catering-scale kitchens
  • artistic and decorative items
  • hoppers, funnels, reflectors, etc
Flow-formed components

Machine series for flow-formed components

  • AHD – automatic hydraulic flow forming machine

    Series for pressing rotationally symmetrical hollow bodies of all sizes.

    AHD series >>

  • VUD – vertical all-purpose machine

    All-in-one machines of the VUD series for (almost) all chipless forming processes.

    VUD series >>