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Wheel discs

Steel wheel discs for trucks, buses, vans and transporters


Use our machines to produce wheel discs of up to 800 mm in diameter from discs of steel. The flow forming process increases the mechanical strength of the material, making it possible to reduce wall thickness with no sacrifice in load-bearing capacity. Material savings of up to 20% are achieved compared to wheel discs produced by pressing.

Only WF machines guarantee smooth and clean wheel surfaces – thanks to the unique WF-3×2 interpolation, which, in addition, ensures extremely easy programming!

Wheel discs

Wheel discs – end products

Technology: Flow forming

Steel wheel discs for


  • trucks
  • buses
  • vans
  • transporters
Wheel discs

Wheel discs machineseries

  • HRM/VRM – horizontal & vertical wheel-disc machines

    The HRM & VRM series were specially designed for the production of wheel discs.

    HRM/VRM series >>