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Metal spinning machines

Metal spinning machines for small series, mass production and trials


Especially for small series, spinning machines of the AHD series (automatic hydraulic spinning machine) are the best choice. The flexible metal spinning machines spin almost any shape, are fast and efficient. They enable high-precision forming even of soft or thin-walled blanks. If required, the AHD spinning machines can of course be upgraded for mass production.

The VUD series is perfectly suited for test series as well as for almost any other form of chipless metal forming. It can be used both as a research machine and for mass production of universal parts.

Spinning according to DIN 8584 is a manufacturing process of tensile pressure forming. The result is rotationally symmetrical spinning parts made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum for aerospace engineering, power engineering, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, the medical and chemical industries and the automotive industry. Typical components produced by metal spinning are pots, cans & kettles for commercial kitchens, art & ornamental objects (vases, goblets, etc.), container bottoms or tank ends, separators, funnels, reflectors, and many more.