NASA counts on WF

By 31. August 2020November 27th, 2020Start page

Sendenhorst, January 2020. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will be using a machine made by WF Maschinenbau und Blechformtechnik GmbH und Co. KG to carry out various test series on the formability of various materials relevant to future space missions.

After an intensive phase of getting to know each other, it was finally clear to NASA that only the vertical universal spinning machine from WF meets the high demands of the rocket researchers. WF was awarded the contract to build a VUD 600-2/4, which will be used from the end of 2020 to test the formability of various space-qualified materials, especially for the Mars mission planned for 2030. The new machine is suitable for almost all non-cutting metal forming technologies. From pressing, projecting and flow-forming to drawing in, beading and profiling, it offers a universal, wide range of applications. Up to now, NASA has had to outsource individual projects to different external service providers. Now the customer can flexibly carry out his own tests, which offers him significant advantages for reasons of confidentiality and cost.

“We are very pleased that NASA has decided in favor of our technology and that WF can make a – albeit small – contribution to the realization of future space missions”, says Dr. Bodo Fink, Managing Director of WF.