Horizontal flow-forming center

This machine is specially designed for the production of heavy internally toothed clutch and gearbox components using the flow-forming process. Metal rounds, preforms or forged unfinished components of the most diverse grades of material can be used as the feed blanks. The use of an optionally available driven tailstock sleeve also permits production of double-sided clutch and gearbox components. The fixed three-roll flow-forming support and the longitudinally movable main spindle are characteristics of the HDC machine concept. The rotating main spindle is passed for forming of the workpiece through the fixed three-roll flow-forming support. A roller pillow block for mounting of a flow-forming roller is installed on every radial feed unit. Each pillow block is equipped with a hydraulic roll drive system and an axial adjustment system, permitting positioning of the flow-forming rollers at an offset to each other. A central hydraulic ejector and an external stripping unit, also hydraulically activated, permit trouble-free removal of the work.


  • Horizontal type, robust design
  • Main spindle driven by a frequency-controlled three-phase motor
  • CNC-controlled electrically driven ejector in the main spindle
  • CNC-controlled programmable tubular stop – fast changing of chuck jaws thanks to special WF design –
  • precise linear guides on the support assure accuracy of repetition in series production
  • CNC-controlled loading/unloading unit, thus providing good potentials for automation


  • Short cycle times
  • High forming forces in the longitudinal and radial directions for production of difficult components
  • Production of double-sided components in a single operation
  • High flexibility thanks to CNC control


  • Industries
  • Automotive

End products

  • Internally toothed gearbox components
  • Clutches/couplings

Technical data

Work diameter min. 75 mm
  max. 250 mm

Work length for coupling/clutch/gearbox components single-sided type 250 mm
  double-sided type 400 mm

Tool mounting, main spindle Centering mounting, Size 8, with ref. to DIN 55027

Drive rating, main spindle 180 kW

Main-spindle speed max. 600 rpm

Longitudinal feed space, main spindle 600 mm

Feed force, main spindle max. 400 kN

Contact force, tailstock cylinder max. 300 kN

Number of radial feed units 3, optionally up to 5

Stroke of radial feed units 150 mm

Feed force, radial feed units max. 300 kN

Drive rating, hydraulics system approx. 90 kW
Machine weight approx. 27.500 kg

Production rate (workpiece-dependent) 70-240 items/h.

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HDC 350 [.pdf]