Horizontal flow forming machine

The design concept of the horizontal flow forming centerHDC 600 allows the forming of complex internal teeth on single and dual sided clutch and gearbox components. The raw parts can be in the form of discs, drawn cups or forgings.

The main characteristic of the design is the arrangement of two work spindles opposite one another and a fixed support with the radial feed heads. To form the work piece the two rotating work spindles with the tooling are pushed through the fixed support carrying the radial feed heads.

Ejectors and strippers which are optional for both work spindles, facilitate easy removal of the work piece from the working ares of the machine.

Product video: HDC 600
Length: 3:08 min.


  • Horizontal layout, modern sturdy machine design, fully enclosed
  • Frequency controlled brushless 3-phase motors for the work spindle drives
  • Hydraulic ejector in the main spindles
  • Stripper device
  • Good access for loading and unloading by using a robot for full automation
  • Optimum accessibility for rapid roll and tooling changes


  • High forming forces in the longi- tudinal and radial directions allow high degrees of deformation of the work piece even on thick materials
  • Manufacture of dual sided clutch and gearbox parts in one operation
  • High flexibility and short set-up times using CNC control


  • Automotive supply industry
  • Vehicle construction
  • Construction vehicle
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Clutch and gear manufaction

End products

  • Internaly toothed clutch and gear components

Technical specifications

Work piece diameter min. 100 mm
  max. 350 mm

Length of work piece for single sided clutch or gearbox parts max. 250 mm
Length of work piece for dual sided clutch end gearbox parts max. 500 mm

Work piece location on the work spindle centering location size 11, in reference to DIN 55027

Power required for main spindles each 150 kW

Speed of main spindles max. 400 rpm

Stroke of work spindles in longitudinal direction each 600 mm

Stroke force of work spindles each max. 600 kN

Number of radial feed heads 3, optional 5 units

Stroke of radial feed heads each 160 mm

Stroke force of radial feed heads each max. 400 kN

Weight approx. 50,000 kg

Output 50–180 parts/h (depending on work piece)

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