Vertical hub forming machine

WF NAM 600 utilizes a new and innovative  concept in manufacturing hubs for pulleys and transmission parts. This process is cost effective and flexible. Hubs are usually used for assembling pulleys or transmission parts on shafts. Conventionally, hubs are made in lathes from solid bar stock and are welded or brazed to pulleys or transmission parts. Another method used in the industry, is making the hub in multi-station presses as an integral part of the pulley or transmission part. This method requires several press stations with very costly tooling. WF NAM 600 spins the integral hub in one station from the same steel metal as the pulley or transmission part with the required tight tolerances of the bores. If needed, key ways or splines can be formed inside the bores without any additional operations

Product video: NAM 600
Length: 2:21 min.


  • Vertical layout, modern sturdy machine design, totally enclosed
  • Minimum space requirements due to vertical layout
  • Frequency controlled brushless 3-phase motor for the main spindle drive
  • CNC controlled spinning supports
  • Hydraulic ejectors in the main spindle
  • Quick tooling and roll change facilitated by optimum accessibility and quick change adaptors to the machine
  • Well prepared for adding automation and for installation in a production line through the addition of loading-/unloading device


  • flexibility in making different parts due to the very simple and inexpensive tooling
  • making a one piece pulley or transmission part
  • higher strength of the hub-part attachment due to one piece spinning process
  • elimination of secondary operations to finish the hub bore to the required tight tolerances


  • Automotive suppliers
  • Vehicle construction
  • Utility vehicle construction
  • Commercial vehicle construction
  • Transmission construction
  • Stationary engine construction

Final products

  • Pulleys for air conditioners
  • Torsional vibration damper
  • Clutch-and transmission parts
  • CVT transmission parts

Technical specifications


Workpiece diameter all common sizes of hubs

Tool mounting main spindle center location size 8 in accordance with DIN 55027

Tool mounting travers spindle DIN 5502, size 8

Power main spindle drive approx. 80 kW

Number of spinning supports 2

Force of spinning supports, horizontal max. 125 kN

Force of spinning supports, vertically max. 125 kN

Power hydraulic station approx. 60 kW

Machine weight approx. 13,000 kg

Output 120-250 parts /hr (depending on workpiece)

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