Vertical hub forming machine

The WF machine NAM 600/S is a consistent further development of WF machine NAM 600 which has long since been established on the world market. By using all the benefits of the WF patented process for spinning/forming hubs, the higher drive rating and forming forces of the machine NAM 600/S make the production of hubs having a greater wall-thickness and length possible. Motor and transmission components with such hubs, for example, are used in truck and commercial vehicle construction, marine engine construction or in stationary motor construction as torsional vibration dampers, clutch housings or disk carriers. The NAM 600/S is able to produce these components from high-strength materials.  Circular blanks or, in particular cases, forged pre-forms are used as starting material. Depending on the requirements, the machine can also be used for hot spinning/forming, this means for example that the hubs can be spun and/or formed from blanks or pre-forms which have previously been heated to approx. 600-800°C.

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  • vertical layout, modern sturdy machine design, totally enclosed
  • minimum space requirements due to vertical layout
  • frequency controlled brushless 3-phase motor for the main spindle drive
  • CNC controlled roll slides
  • hydraulic ejectors in the main spindle
  • quick tooling and roll change facilitated by optimum accessibility and quick change adaptors to the machine
  • well prepared for adding automation and for installation in a production line through the addition of loading-/unloading device


  • flexibility in making different parts due to the very simpleand inexpensive tooling
  • making a one piece pulley or transmission part
  • higher strength of the hub-part attachment due to one piecespinning process
  • elimination of secondary operations to finish the hub bore to the required tight tolerances


  • Automotive suppliers
  • Vehicle construction
  • Utility vehicle construction
  • Commercial vehicle construction
  • Transmission construction
  • Stationary Engine construction

Final products

  • Pulleys for air conditioners
  • Torsional vibration damper
  • Clutch-and transmission parts
  • Plate carrier
  • CVT transmission parts

Technical specifications


Workpeace diameter all common hub diameter of engine and transmission components

Tool mounting spindle centering size 8, in accordance with DIN 55027

Drive rating main spindle: approx. 100 kW

Number of hubs spinnning slides, horizontal max. 200 kN

Feed force of hub spinning slides, radial max. 200 kN

Feed force pushing hub supports, radially 200 kN

Drive rating of hydraulic system ca. 60 kW

Machine weight ca. 18,000 kg

Output 60-200 parts /h (depending on the workpiece)

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