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Research & Development

Our role in progress

Already our company founders, Mr. Winkelmann and Mr. Friese, considered the (further) development of machines and processes for chipless metal forming to be more than important. Our colleagues in the R&D department still carry these enthusiasm for new things and work on new projects every day. That is why we are today one of the most famous companies for mechanical engineering & machine construction in the field of metal forming.

In particular, the high-quality equipment of the entire department with four testing machines enables parallel work on a wide variety of tests. Our in-house measurement laboratory reduces the average test time immensely, since the analysis of different values can be done immediately and the external evaluation, which is common in the industry, is no longer necessary.

In addition to that, WF Maschinenbau is also constantly working with external partners & experts from science and research on the further development of new metal forming processes.