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Unique R&D Center with development team

800 ㎡, 4 test machines, 1 measuring center – and a whole lot of know-how.

We know our markets and closely cooperate with research institutes. We use our internal R&D Center to develop new solutions and processes for our customers with more than 100 patents pending.


Four highly flexible test machines, linked to a test laboratory, heating and heat treatment furnaces, induction systems: This and a team of creative technicians, make our R&D Center (WF Center for Research & Development) unique anywhere in our industry.


We are a dependable and trusted partner for our customers. And we test everything to the limit: new processes, new machines, new materials. At the center of our development department, we think, work and test. Day after day, our six-person development team focuses on designing new machines and advancing our technologies for our customers. This is what you can expect:

  • 800㎡ R&D Center,
  • 4 testing machines,
  • 1 measurement center,
  • robot test room,
  • heating furnaces and induction plants and
  • plenty of know-how.