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Tube necking machines

Range of tube necking-in & closure machines


Gas cylinders with one or two necks, thin-walled liners or jumbo-bottles – our tube necking machines assure individual neck and base geometries on cylindrical tubes for the most diverse applications. We manufacture machine-series that work on rotating workpieces or form stationary tubes.

Straight tubes as well as tubes with large imbalances or bent tubes are processed on our machines. Customer-specific tube diameters or ogive contours are no challenge. In addition, we can halve the cycle times of many machines by up to 50%.

According to your wishes and requirements we equip your machine with automation solutions and SMART FORMING tools. Choose between the SFM series (necking-in machine for gas cylinders with neck and base) or RVM (tube necking-in and closure for gas cylinders with necks on both sides):