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WF Drivetrain components

Components for e-drive systems

The concepts for alternative drives in particular are developing rapidly. Our machines have been producing hollow & rotor shafts, stator & rotor carriers, cooling jackets and joint journals in series for many years.

We are already developing and testing further applications. Our machines for drivetrain components are the result of more than 10 years of intense research and development and not only assure perfect end products for e-mobility, they also behave as sustainably as possible during the production process.


Producing e-drive components on WF machines – benefits

  • Extremely robust and durable machine concept applying high forming forces (for 24|7 series production)
  • One-piece solution possible in nearly every
  • No heating / warming / machining of components prior to forming
  • Cold-forming means significant energy-savings
  • Faster process cycles thanks to elimination of extra jointing and welding work
  • High-strength weight-optimised end products