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Our machines

Metal forming at the highest level.

We build machines for chipless metal forming. We place the highest value on quality and durability. We rely on German suppliers who have been supplying us with materials of the same high quality for many years. This way we can ensure that our delivered machines meet our requirements. Of course, the entire production is also carried out exclusively in Germany. Therefore, we have been labeling our machines “made in Germany” for many years.
To ensure that our machines not only run perfectly mechanically, but also function optimally at the cutting edge, we live the digital transformation and thus significantly increase the productivity of our customers. With the help of our SMART FORMING tools, machines are digitally networked and the entire production process is optimized.

  • Wheel-making machines

    We are the wheel-making professionals. Our machines are used for one-piece aluminium wheels, steel wheel discs, weight-optimised wheel rims and customised hubs for special vehicles. Your need is our task: lightweight, with high precision, low-cost and efficient? We will find - or develop – the right machine for your wheel. › More
  • Flow-forming and spin-forming machines

    Extremely lightweight clutch and gearing components, high-precision tubes with wall-thickness reductions of up to 90%. – Our flow-forming and spin-forming machines are used for their production. And a special bonus: savings potentials on weight, material and costs of up to 25%. › More
  • Hub-forming machine

    Belt pulleys and gearing components with internal toothing from one round on one machine? Possible using the NAM! No need for welding or brazing or for production on a multi-station press. You save time and costs and produce the ultimate quality. › More
  • All-purpose machines

    Our all-in-one machine combines (nearly) all chipless forming processes. This is an all-purpose machine for forming of the most diverse materials, and it spins, spin-forms, shear forms, profiles, necks-in and forms hubs. › More
  • Spin-forming machines

    Spin-forming machines are the best choice for short production runs, in particular. These highly flexible machines can spin practically any geometry required, and are fast and efficient. And they can, of course, be upscaled for mass-production if needed. › More
  • Tube-necking machines

    Gas cylinders with one or two necks, thin-walled liners or jumbo-sized cylinders – our tube-necking machines assure individual neck and base geometries on cylindrical tubes for the most diverse applications. › More
  • Profiling machines

    These machines are second to none. They have no trouble producing high-precision belt pulleys and gearing components with sealing-ring slots. › More
  • Special machines

    The CWC machine flanges the outer edges up to fourfold and produces edge-flanged components, such as starter ring gears and starter discs. This permits a one-piece design including flanging at the centre; materials properties are improved and greater durability attained. › More