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WF Maschinenbau: Metal spinning & flow forming

What matters to us

Be it in the automotive industry, in drive technology, in aerospace or in the production of gas tanks – a large number of branches today are certainly in need of the chipless forming of metal parts. In a world which is continuously and quickly developing, at the same time the need for quality, sustainability and durability is growing. New challenges have to be met with lighter products, more powerful components and stronger capacities.

In order to assist our customers in meeting these challenges there have to be trust and good cooperation.

Based on our own intensive research and development activities, WF Maschinenbau, the machinery & manufacturing company in Germany wants to continually set new standards in the fields of metal spinning and flow forming and we establish these new technologies on new markets untapped so far. One step ahead of our competitors, one step closer to our customers. Today and in future.

WF Maschinenbau – We form innovations

Our R&D Center

“We at WF Maschinenbau put great emphasis on innovation. I like to work with my team every day and to develop the machines and processes of tomorrow. Together we find solutions, we want to go ahead and cause enthusiasm, and we are proud when holding a new patent specification in our hand.”

Christian Malkemper, CTO

WF Maschinenbau – Manufacturing company in Germany & worldwide


  • Sendenhorst, July 2021
    Industry 4.0: WF Maschinenbau becomes SMART
    The Sendenhorst-based specialist machine builder WF Maschinenbau und Blechformtechnik GmbH und Co. KG develops intelligent software for networking man and machine, process and product.
  • Sendenhorst, January 2021
    Announcement by the Board of Management
    Shareholder Heiko Ohlscher will leave the Board of Management and the operational activities of WF Maschinenbau for personal reasons with effect from 31 December 2020.
  • Sendenhorst - Germany, October 2020
    WF expands Sales team!
    Marco Drees has been appointed Area Sales Manager for Europe and Turkey. In this capacity, Drees now bears immediate responsibility for all Marketing and Sales activities for WF forming machines and services.
  • Sendenhorst, Juli 2020
    WF celebrates its 45th birthday
    In 2020 WF celebrates its 45th birthday and looks back on a successful company history.
  • Sendenhorst, January 2020
    NASA counts on WF
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will be using a machine made by WF Maschinenbau und Blechformtechnik GmbH und Co. KG (mechanical engineering & machine construction company) to carry out various test series on the formability of various materials relevant to future space missions.

WF Maschinenbau meets expectations

Customer satisfaction

A customer is satisfied when we meet his expectations. With great pride we can look at a long list of satisfied customers. The first to be mentioned is a customer from Germany to whom we built 4 machines annually in average and who can meanwhile call more than 100 WF machines – made in Germany – his own. Another is the Canadian customer who currently already has produced more than 25,000,000 starter ring gears on his 15 WF machines. And with other customers we mutually celebrate the 30th anniversary as regular customers. These and many more success stories prove the satisfaction of our customers.