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Stator carriers

Stator carrier for electric motors


The stator is the immovable part of an electric motor. The core assemblies of the stator are installed in the stator carrier; for this reason, the inner side has continuous fins. Such a component can be produced using the flow forming process, with a tube as the preform. The stator carriers can be executed either as flow-formed components or as pots with internal fins; it is then possible to flow form a hub to permit mounting of the rotor bearing.

A disc or a forged tube can be used as the preform; the result is a homogeneous component without any welds.

Stator carriers

End product stator carriers

Technologies: Flow forming, hub forming

Stator carrier for electric motors

Stator carriers

Machine series for stator carriers

  • VSTR – vertical flow forming machines

    Series for lightweight components for electric drives with increased strength, wall thickness reduction, minimum machining effort…

    VSTR series >>

  • NAM – hub forming machines

    With the NAM series you can produce almost infinite variants of e-drive components with hubs.

    NAM series >>