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Precision tubing

Cylindrical tubes & rotationally symmetrical precision hollow bodies

Flow forming machines permit longitudinal growth via the thinning out of the material. The results are tubes with high-precision wall-thickness changes and high-accuracy straightness. Short, thick-walled hollow bodies are used to produce long thin-walled tubes. With our machines for precision tubing you can even produce yourself tube sizes not available on the market.

Precision tubing

End products precision tubing

Technology: Flow forming

  • cylindrical tubes and
  • rotationally symmetrical precision hollow bodies
Precision tubing

Machine series for precision tubing

  • VSTR – Vertical flow forming machine

    VSTR series for the production of precision tubes and hollow bodies.

    VSTR series >>

  • HSTR – horizontal flow forming machine

    Precise tubes with high tensile and tear strength made from a wide range of materials.

    HSTR series >>