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Series for flanged outer contours

Compact Working Center

The machine-series CWC Compace Working Center machine flanges the outer edges up to fourfold and produces edge-flanged components, such as starter ring gears and starter discs. This WF special-machine permits a one-piece design including flanging at the centre; materials properties are improved and greater durability attained.

Compact working Center for flanged outer contours – benefits :

  • No welding,
  • High quality results from the simplest preforms and
  • Low distortion of the disc.
CWC 300-3 ST
Workpiece diameter
150 mm
Workpiece diameter
450 mm
Workpiece height
25 mm
Number of work stations
Number of forming rollers per station
CWC 300-3 ST

Endproducts of CWC series

  • Starter Rims
    Our CWC (Compact Working Center) pruduces one-piece, non-welded starter rims with high durability.