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Gearbox components

Gearbox components with & without hub


An enormous number of machines and technologies are available for the production of the most diverse range of gearbox components. The demands made on gearbox components are changing rapidly and drastically. Here, WF Maschinenbau scores with its individual range of solutions. The best individual production concept will be drafted on the basis of the specific end product, the number to be produced and the part-to-part variance, taking standard types as the starting point.

Gearbox components

End products gearbox components with and without hub

Technologies: Flow forming, spinning, profiling



  • CVT bevel-gear discs with and without hub, differential housings with hub, pressure accumulator for automatic gearboxes with hub, converter housings with and without hub: VUD, NAM
  • Sealing-ring slots on spring retaining cups: VBA, VPA
  • Externally toothed gearbox components: VBZ
  • Internally toothed clutch housings with and without hub, sliding sleeves with and without hub: VSTR, NAM
  • Plate carriers, externally or internally toothed, with or without hub: VSTR, NAM
Gearbox components

Machine series for gearbox components

  • VSTR – vertical flow forming machines

    Machine series for gearing components & precision tubes.

    VSTR series >>

  • HDC – horizontal flow forming center

    Series for clutch and gearing components – with internal toothing if necessary.

    HDC series >>


  • VUD – vertical all-purpose machines

    Series for all purposes & universal parts. It combines an incredible variety of chipless forming technologies.

    VUD series >>

  • NAM – hub forming machines

    We are the only ones in the world to manufacture hub forming machines. Series for infinite variants of gear parts and pulleys with hubs.

    NAM series >>

  • VBA – vertical profiling machines

    For pulleys, spring plates or air conditioning pulleys. The VBA series is the best-selling machine for the production of pulleys worldwide.

    VBA series >>

  • VPA – vertical profiling machines

    The VPA series is designed for forming beads and grooves on clutch and transmission parts and brake cylinders.

    VPA series >>

  • CWC – compact working center

    The special machine thickens the outer edges up to four times & produces edge-thickened components such as starter rings & starter discs.

    CWC series >>