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WF Maschinenbau

Resource-saving manufacturing processes for e-mobility

Resource-saving manufacturing processes for e-mobility
Sendenhorst, September 2022
WF develops resource-saving manufacturing processes for e-mobility
At WF, it was already recognized 10 years ago that e-drives would play a significant role in the future. Since then, the R&D Center of WF Maschinenbau has been developing various flow-forming processes for the production of components for e-drives on its test machines.  

Resource-saving e-mobility

An essential component is the rotor shaft, which can be produced by flow-forming in a predominantly cold state in a resource-saving and cost-effective manner while simultaneously increasing the strength. In approx. 85% of applications, a one-piece solution is possible, so that welding processes are no longer necessary. Cold forming and the elimination of process steps reduce energy requirements and CO2 emissions during production. In this way, WF contributes to the sustainable production of e-drives.