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Rotor shafts – one-piece type

One-piece type rotor shafts, hollow shafts for electric motors


Complex one-piece type rotor shafts that require maximum precision and radial run-out accuracy to withstand up to 20,000 rpm are a challenge presented by the automotive industry.

WF Maschinenbau makes it possible: the shaft is firstly flow-formed (with flow forming integration of internal cooling fins and/or forming of the external stop collar) with unique radial run-out tolerances (less than 0.05 mm), then the shaft end is drawn in (with integration of an internal cooling tube if required).

Rotor shafts

End products rotor shafts

Technologies: Flow forming + drawing-in

  • Rotor shafts
  • Hollow shafts for electric motors
Rotor shafts

Machine series for rotor shafts

  • VSTR – vertical flow forming machines

    The VSTR series produce lightweight elements with less material and at the same time higher strength.

    VSTR series >>

  • VUD – vertical all-purpose machine

    The VUD series are all-in-one machines that combine (almost) all chipless forming processes.

    VUD series >>